Thursday, December 31, 2009

Save MySQL and Sign the Petition

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Open Database Alliance - ODA Launched

Let's see if Monty and MySQL community can save MySQL.

Monty Program Ab, a MySQL database engineering company, and Percona, a MySQL services and support firm, today announced the "The Open Database Alliance," a vendor-neutral consortium designed to become the industry hub for the MySQL open source database, including MySQL and derivative code, binaries, training, support, and other enhancements for the MySQL community and partner ecosystem.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

MySQL Proxy - A cool idea but not working yet

"MySQL Proxy is a simple program that sits between your client and MySQL server(s) that can monitor, analyze or transform their communication. Its flexibility allows for unlimited uses; common ones include: load balancing; failover; query analysis; query filtering and modification; and many more."

sounds like a cool idea. I cannot wait to tried it out. Cannot find a FC5 binary, so I downloaded a FC4 version a few days ago. Easy enough:

[vandba@cooler sbin]# ./mysql-proxy --help
mysql-proxy [OPTION...] - MySQL Proxy

Help Options:
-?, --help Show help options
--help-all Show all help options
--help-admin Show options for the admin-module
--help-proxy Show options for the proxy-module

Application Options:
--version Show version

However, when I trying to connect to it from another server. I can connect, but I cannot do anything.

mysql> show processlist;

LOL, boo. So I tried to download the source code to see if I can compile my own binary. No luck yet, cannot find it anywhere. The following link is broken:

Monday, September 10, 2007

MySQL 6.0 features the falcon engine

Falcon engine is here! It seems that MySQL is pushing very hard to have its own transaction engine ever since Innodb was acquired by Oracle. MySQL should buy Innodb long time ago. Now they are paying for the price!

On the bright side, I do believe the developers at MySQL will do a good job and come out something better than Innodb :-)

In the next few weeks, I will do some benchmarks to how the baby falcon doing.